How do I enable Bluetooth on a laptop?

Uncommon situation where, having acquired a laptop, you can not turn it Bluetooth. If this is your case, then this article will be useful for you. So, how to enable bluetooth on your laptop?

To get started find out if there is a bluetooth on your laptop. Most models have built-in Bluetooth adapter, but not all laptops have them. Look at the bottom of the notebook a special icon or go to the manufacturer's website. If your laptop model does not have the adapter, then, alas, you can not enable bluetooth on the laptop.

After verifying the presence of an adapter, you need to enable it or use the switch on the laptop (if any). Moreover, the switch does not necessarily switch is called Bluetooth, it can be called, for example, a wireless switch, or may not be unmarked.

Activate Bluetooth on your laptop is simple: you must open the "System Settings" in the View menu, select Bluetooth, check the box "on" and click "OK".

Once you have installed the bluetooth, it will automatically detect other devices that use the Bluetooth, but other devices do not "recognize" your laptop as long as you do not make it visible. In order to make the device discoverable, you must either select the appropriate item in the menu, or click detection mode, if available on the device. Sometimes the buttons easy to find: they may be inconspicuous and small, and, besides, some do not have the mark of Bluetooth.

What do you do if you can not turn on bluetooth on laptop? In this case, it is likely that the problem in the software. Some devices require you to install the newest available for the device software versions. For more information and latest updates it makes sense to look at the manufacturer's website. Try downloading new drivers and software to work with bluetooth, and try to start the device again.

If you once connected bluetooth function, it will operate automatically whenever you turn on the laptop. You can disable this feature manually by selecting the appropriate item. If the function is disabled, Bluetooth will not work as long as you do not connect.