Turn your Game Boy Camera

Now you can turn your Game Boy Camera. Really, you can turn Game Boy Camera into eight (8) Bit Pocket Camera. You can take cool picture like 128x112 Game Boy Pictures; you can now enjoy all pictures with your great camera. You can take cool pictures from your camera and can email your favorite pictures to your friends with its application.

@Jquelta can you put this on the sp? and is that gameboy player hooked up to the NES?

@887strakk Yes, you can. You just have to connect the link cable in the SP's port instead of theE-Reader's if you want to connect to another GBA or Gamecube. Also, the Gameboy Camera was in the Gameboy Player for the Super Nintendo in order to record footage.

SNAK Keyboard Features & Reviews

One product which is very useful for social network users is SNAK Keyboad. It’s a computer accessory SNAK keyboard that allows you to navigate a lot easier then any of other keyboards. It has a lot of hotkeys which will take you to your inbox, events, photos, and more with the simple push of a button. The most important thing is for windows 7, windows XP and windows vista users; this SNAK keyboard is very compatible and easy to use.

Users New Laptops Reviews:

1) Man I even found this one. Seems interesting. Looks like a solid keypad with a lot of uses.

2) Thats...a Dynex keyboard from Best Buy...with stickers on it.