Check Weight, Size before purchasing laptop

Approaching the question of what to buy a laptop, do not forget about the weight and size. Immediately advise you to buy a special laptop bag.
Full-size notebook is able to completely replace the desktop computer, but it can weigh up to 5kg. On the weight of the notebook is affected not only the big screen, but other components. Hard Drive, DVD / CD-drive, the drive may be external.

If you often carry a laptop with you, it is desirable to acquire a more compact model (1-2 kg). But at the same time, if ever going to carry a DVD / CD-drive or an additional hard drive, then consider the full weight of the laptop.

Material of the notebook is also important. It not only protects the notebook from damage (especially need the protection of the display), but also gives it additional weight. The most reliable option is to buy a laptop with a body made of aluminum alloy. But if you really have to buy a laptop with a body made of plastic, and it will last a long time, the main thing to treat him gently. Finishing the body skin is found only in high-end luxury models.